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About VTV In2Action

VTV is the Dutch abbreviation for Public Health Status and Foresight study (PHSF)

VTV In2Action is an educational game, offering a fun environment that creates opportunities for partners within a municipality, who don’t always know each other very well, to meet and work together. This can lead to the creation of new knowledge and gives insight into each other’s field of work and interests; which results in a better cooperation in everyday life.

The 'Serious Game' VTV In2Action offers a dynamic and playful meeting, in which various partners from different sectors from a local setting interact with each other in order to achieve a common goal: a health policy plan for the fictional municipality of Struinen. 

The main goals of the game are to stimulate collaboration between different sectors within the municipality and to stimulate the use of knowledge and information in the process of policy making.

How does it work?

The meeting starts with an online gameplay in which four societal perspectives on health are made clear and discussed (these perspectives were developed for the VTV2014 ). During the second part of the game, the participants take on their own roles, the same as they have in real life. Participants will have to discuss, negotiate and collaborate with each other in order to take actions that will eventually lead to the implementation-plan "Growing up Healthy in Struinen". At the end the game is evaluated. In this evaluation not only the game and the way people act in it are discussed, but also the effect this could have on their daily work life. 

Watch the video

By playing the 'Serious Game' VTV In2Action, developers of policy plans, as well as those who carry them out, will gain an understanding of each other’s field of work, which will result in better cooperation in daily life. Click on the animation for an explanation, in less than three minutes, of how our VTV In2Action team playfully realises this goal.